Example Report

Management Institute for Quality-of-Life Studies

The Quality-of-Community-Healthcare Survey Report

The report is structured as follows:

  • Cover page: A title page with applicant contact information and MIQOLS contact information
  • Executive Summary: The entire content of the report is summarized here.
  • Theory and Model: The theoretical model underlying the Quality-of-Community-Healthcare Survey is described here and the theoretical constructs are clearly defined. The research supporting the Quality-of-Community-Healthcare model is also discussed in this section.
  • Description of the Quality-of-Work-Life Survey: This section contains a description of the constructs with corresponding survey items.
  • Sampling and Data Collection: This part of the report describes the call issued to employees to participate in the Quality-of-Community-Healthcare Survey, the deadline imposed, any incentives used to encourage employee participation, the survey link, the number of employees who actually participated in the survey, the total number of employees contacted, and the response rate. The response rate of the client organization is compared to past response rates of other organizations.
  • Survey Results: This section of the report provides descriptive statistics related to each survey item with figures (e.g., bar charts) against the norm. The norm is calculated based on the average of all past surveys that have been administered through MIQOLS.
  • Discussion and Recommendations: The survey results are then summarized and interpreted in this section. As such, specific strengths and weaknesses are identified. The client organization is then encouraged to bolster their strengths and correct weaknesses.
  • References: Exact references of corresponding text citations are fleshed out in this section.
  • Appendices: Extra detailed information related to any aspect of the report is placed in this section.
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